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October 28th, 2020

As you know, Kroger Mid-Atlantic presented UFCW Local 400 with a Comprehensive Best Offer to Settle on October 22, 2020. Since that time, we’ve been sharing details through your store leader and here on, where you can review and download more information on our offer.

Unfortunately, you may be receiving some misleading information from various sources about our offer.
To set the record straight:

  • Every associate is getting a pay increase in this offer.
  • We have listened to many of the union’s concerns over the last few months and have adjusted our proposals along the way to better address their wants and needs.
  • As a reminder, negotiations are a process. It’s about working through concerns and reaching an agreement that is good for both sides.
  • We believe our Comprehensive Best Offer to Settle rewards and recognizes all associates and keeps the company competitive in the West Virginia market.
Union’s Statements

Company’s Offer

No secure funding for the Health and Welfare Benefits


– This is the union’s opinion – they have no figures or information to prove this statement.

– Kroger’s proposal stabilizes and eliminates funding concerns. We closely monitor national trends, and based on those trends, we believe our proposal provides sufficient funding over the life of the contract.

– According to our proposal, Kroger would pay your benefit claims on a week to week basis.

Cuts to Prescription Benefits


– Your prescription benefits have not changed since 2014 despite steadily increasing prescription costs during that time.

– Kroger will be spending significantly more to keep your benefits affordable and largely unchanged for the life of the next contract.

– Kroger’s proposal creates a consumer driven health plan to help you and your doctor(s) find the best drugs to treat your conditions.

Effective immediately, some PT associates will have to work more hours to be eligible for benefits – PT associates’ eligibility for 2021 benefits is NOT changing.  Rather than change eligibility for 2021 benefits, we have proposed changes to eligibility beginning with your 2022 benefits. Also, Courtesy Clerks will qualify under the same rules as all other clerks.

– This gives associates an entire year (2021) to work the hours needed for benefits.

– The company will make every effort to assist associates in getting the weekly hours required to maintain or qualify for coverage if an associate has the availability, ability, and willingness to work the required hours for coverage.

Not all employees get a yearly raise, just bonuses



– Those identified as a Red Circled FT or PT associate (associates at or above market wages in West Virginia) will receive lump sum increases

– We are also offering ratification bonuses to this group in addition to their lump sum offers.

– Despite being above market wages, we still want to reward and recognize associates in these classifications for their hard work and efforts.

Over half of department heads are not receiving a premium


– With our proposal, we are offering new premiums for department heads in stores with sales volumes above $500,000.

– Our intent for increasing department head premiums in these stores is to continue to develop our department heads and encourage them to take on more responsibility.

Eliminates associates’ ability to reach the current top rate scale


Company top out of $12.20 for PT associates

– Our proposed wage increases and new wage scales are completely different from nickel raises in previous contracts.

– We want you to make more money faster.

– Our proposal puts more money in your pocket sooner whether you’re Full-Time or Part-Time, giving you the opportunity to make more money right away.

– We are increasing our Part-Time Top Rate to $12.20.

Let your voice be heard and VOTE!

When it’s all said and done, the opinion that matters most is yours. Look at our offer carefully. We hope you will see that it affirms our commitment to you, bolsters our company’s long-term success and will maintain our continued presence in this community.

Often, it is assumed that if an offer is turned down, the company will make additional concessions. That’s not always the case, especially when a very solid offer comes after several months of bargaining. We feel strongly that our proposal is a good one and we remain firm in our offer.

The union has said that you will have the opportunity to vote on our offer at voting meetings November 3-5 at select store locations. Your union representative should be providing voting locations.

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