Nobody Wins with a Strike


October 31st, 2020

We understand that the union is has scheduled a strike authorization vote in addition to a vote on our Comprehensive Best Offer to Settle.  The union is asking you to vote “No” on our Comprehensive Best Offer to Settle while also voting “Yes” to approve a strike.

We hope you will attend one of the scheduled voting times and consider your vote carefully. These are critical decisions that will affect you and your family.

Unfortunately, this action by the union means Kroger must be prepared in the event that the union gets strike authorization and chooses to take this action.

That’s why you may see us making contingency plans. This is not something we want to do but must do so that we can continue to run our business and meet customers’ needs in the event of a work stoppage.  We hope the union won’t take this course.

The union uses a strike threat as a tactic because they believe it puts pressure on the company. In reality, it puts pressure on you. It makes your work life and paycheck uncertain.

  • A strike threat here doesn’t make sense.
    • We are investing significantly in your wages and health care. Every associate is getting a pay increase in this offer. Our new wage scales will put more money in your pocket right away – whether you’re full-time or part-time.
    • Additionally, Kroger is making a significant investment in your health care by proposing to keep your benefits the same through 2021 and promising to pay $99 million during the life of the contract. That’s $13 million more than projected health care claims during the three-year period.
  • No one wins with a strike.
    • Not our associates who miss out on pay checks and potentially benefits.
    • Not our customers, who don’t want to get involved in a conflict and may choose to shop at competitors, many of whom are ironically non-union grocers.
    • Not our stores, which can lose business that may not return.

However, the union may try to convince you otherwise.

Ask yourself:

  • Would you and other associates be better off if a strike is called by the union and you don’t receive a paycheck from the company?
  • Why is the union considering a strike in the middle of a pandemic with a Comprehensive Best Offer to Settle that includes significant investments in you with increased wages and no health care changes until 2022?

Vote “NO” to strike authorization if you don’t want a strike.

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