It’s Business as Usual


November 6th, 2020

A strike authorization does not mean a strike

Report to work according to your regular schedule

We are disappointed that our Comprehensive Best Offer to Settle failed to ratify. We remain committed to reaching an agreement. We have told union leaders we are ready and willing to meet in additional negotiations sessions to see how we might resolve any outstanding issues.

In addition, we understand the union has received strike authorization from West Virginia Bargaining Unit members attending and voting at union meetings.

We want to be sure you know what this means – it does not mean there will be a strike. It means that the union can call a strike, if it chooses to.  At this point, the union has not called for a work stoppage. We hope they don’t. If you believe a strike is the wrong course to take, let your union representatives know. Call them, email them and let them know your feelings.

Until we know what the union will do, it is business as usual. Continue to report to work according to your schedule. No one wins with a strike.

  • Not our associates, who may miss out on paychecks and potentially benefits.
  • Not our customers, who don’t want to get involved in a conflict and may choose to shop at competitors – ironically non-union.
  • Not our stores, which could lose business.
  • And not the union, which could drive away its own members with such drastic action.
  • Can the union really expect to get a better contract by striking and harming the company financially? Harming the company hurts all associates and impacts our ability to provide top of the market benefits.  It’s a tough market and we need to fight for our continued success.

Our goal, as always, is to reach an agreement that provides a solid compensation package of wages and benefits for our associates and is also right for our business, so we can remain relevant in today’s very competitive market.  

Thank you for all you do for our customers and our store.

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